Gorilla Plate - the most stable license plate bracket

Probably the highest support for your number plate, on the whole world. The HotSwop GORILLA PLATE can be used for the majority of all types of motorbikes. The license plates are available in the sizes AT | DE | IT | CH.

They offer the ideal complement to the HotSwop number plate holders.

With the extremely robust carbon plate, bent and broken license plates are history. At just 1.5 millimetres, the twill joint technology ensures incredibly high stability in all directions. Strong as a Gorilla!

Perfect fit on AT | DE | IT | CH license plates thanks to high-precision CNC machining.


• Carbon CNC-milled

• Ultralight

• Extrem robust

• Heat resistant up to 280°C / 536 °F

• HotSwop Logo-Print

• 1,5 mm strong

• Accurate fit for various number plate sizes – AT | DE | IT | CH