THOR - the smartest radiator guard

You know about dirty and destroyed radiators? We don’t. 🙂 Thanks to THOR by HotSwop, this will soon be a thing of the past for you too.

THOR – stands for maximum strong protection of the RadiaTHOR.

Small stones & dirt are simply cushioned by the ultra-flexible carbon shrouds. With coarser stones, the high-molecular substructure comes into its own and gives way.

THOR - against stone impacts and dirt

Due to the patented technology of the RadiaTHOR, small stones get simply rejected and larger stones make the system fold down to protect the cooler.. The multifunctional carbon fins were specially designed for THOR and are therefore the best, most practical and also most attractive material in terms of design for the brand new radiator protection from HotSwop.

Small stones and dirt are simply rejected by the carbon fins. The system just bounces them back on the track, due to this no damage can be done to the radiator.

If the carbon fins have to deal with heavy stones or other big impacts like crashes or branches, they fold down and protect the radiator from damage over the entire surface.

THOR - more breathable than others

Let air through – the work of the radiator. However, many radiator guards on the market prevent exactly this. There is so much attention payed to the protection against stones and dirt that there is often forgotten about the main task of the radiator.

But not with HotSwop´s THOR, due to the perfect design of the carbon fins at a 50° angle to the radiator, 100% of the air hitting the shrouds will also hit the radiator. In addition, however, dirt and stones are cushioned, so the radiator’s protection will never be blocked.