ULTRA - foldable at the wheelie

With the HotSwop ULTRA you save your number plate when you ride on the rear wheel. Too often the plate is damaged by dragging on the road. Thanks to our new, innovative and protective ASL technology (Angle Spring Lock), the angle between the number plate and the motorbike is also freely adjustable.

The side screws offer the possibility to adjust the stiffness of the ASL system. This means that the number plate does not move even when driving on cobblestones.

The bidirectional dirt ejector is maintenance-free and guarantees quick installation, even under extreme conditions.

ULTRA - removable if you are driving in rough terrain

Broken indicators after a crash off-road. Everybody knows it. Nobody wants it!

Thanks to the new HotSwop ULTRA system, you can remove your number plate including all lights, indicators, etc. so that this never happens again.

The bracket is secured by a locking bolt, due to this the removal works within a few seconsds.

ULTRA - rear mounting plate

The bike-adapted rear mounting plate allows the HotSwop ULTRA system to be bolted directly to your motorbike.

Models currently available (01.02.2023)

  • Husqvarna 501
  • Husqvarna 701


Your bike isn´t on the list? Then we are probably already in the process of constructing an adapter for you. Please just write us a mail to make sure that your bike is on our TO-DO List. You are also welcome to contact us for special solutions.

ULTRA - Plug & cable, as an add-on

We offer a 6-pin IP68 connector, already wired. The cables have a length of 20 cm each, there are 6 pre-mounted on each side. This extension makes it possible to remove the rear including all lights, such as indicators, number plate light, brake light and rear light.

An additional rubber cover protects the plug on the bike from possible dirt, when you have taken off the license plate piece.

Version depending on motorbike:

  • indicator
  • indicator & taillight
  • indicator, tail light & brake light
  • indicator, tail light, brake light & number plate light


On the motorbike side, the plugs are already wired and can be connected directly to the original plugs.

On the indicator page you will find the necessary number of wires to connect the desired luminaires. However, these can also be ordered pre-wired and assembled.

Motorbike models:

The current list of available models can be found when selecting the ULTRA variant.